It’s Cinco de Mayo Day … and when you are in the Southwest, this is a day to celebrate along with all your Latino friends and neighbors. Some of us gringos aren’t aware of what this day means to our Mexican friends. First it is often mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, which is it not. Cinco de Mayo is a widely observed holiday across the United States and Mexico that commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over French forces during the Franco-Mexican war. It’s a time of joy and celebration on both sides of the border and colorful clothing, fancy dance steps and authentic Mexican cuisine take center stage. Here at the campground, we have a lot of folks from all over and it includes those with Hispanic descent. We’ve already had a few invites to enjoy homemade burritos, enchiladas, and my favorite: Chile Relleno, yum!

The day is spent with families sharing stories, all the eateries, etc., then at sundown is it a quiet reflection. All this made me think of my background, an adopted kid (twins!) brought into a loving family of German and Dutch descent. Wonderful parents who loved Jesus and gave us a foundation of faith and love for others. No wonder we love being among others as campground hosts!

So, as your “sun sets” tonight, think of your past, where it started and where you are now. Give thanks to God for those who have been cheering for you along the way and be grateful for each sunset you have lived through so far! Family is the “stuff of life” — whether it is relatives or friends as a close as family, you are enriched and blessed by them all.