Hello readers and website surfers! We have something new in our “on the road campers” living…Moose! Yes, you read it correctly, but not a moose with antlers, instead, he is a 9 month old Labradane who is 79 pounds and woofs like a bellowing moose! Shortly before we left Arizona to come back to Abiquiu and do 6-months of camp hosting for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, we lost our 10 year old Lab, Inky, to bone cancer. He was a friend to all and the love of our lives. He is now dancing in heaven free from pain and we will see him again. We waited about a month until Adopt-A-Pet emailed me regarding a Lab-mix puppy that was coming up for adoption at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter/Humane Society. We took the bait, and came home with Moose. He is loving, funny, quite loud, and he bonded instantly with us, as if he knew this would be his forever home. Dogs are so intuitive and smart, their sense are incredible and I can only chalk that up to…well…spell dog backwards and what do you get–God! Our dogs are indeed a God-sent gift to show us what unconditional love is. Our home is complete once again and Al and I hope you enjoy some pictures of Moose and his antics.