Hello friends! I admit I’m not so good at blogging regularly! With writing a lot of devotions, I forget to blog. So, a new start at the campground this year in beautiful northern New Mexico. First, we have to brag about our LabraDane called Moose. He is now an official B.A.R.K. Dog Mascot here at the park. You’ll see us with his picture, As usual, the western winds have whipped up well but not as bad as last year. The pure joy of rivers and lakes filled to the brim with water has caught everyone’s attention! It’s not to say a drought is completely over, we know better out here in the West! Some river-runners are at a Class 5 and maintaining that as the huge snowfalls in the mountains continue to melt. Lake Abiquiu is up the highest since at least 25 years. Yes, we are a reservoir so one can expect ups and downs as we release water for agriculture, livestock and the burgeoning city of Albuquerque. The fish are happy as well. Our walleye are big lunkers so having cool depths to hide is a gift. The small-mouth bass are hugging the cliffs along the lake and those who fish for them are ready for a fish dinner, as well as our Black Crappie, Perch, Bluegills, and delicious Catfish. Downstream from the dam is more Catfish and sweet-tasting Rainbow Trout. With all this wonderful moisture, even the tall Ponderosas and other pines are showing their colors both on the trunks at the branches. Super-blooms of wildflowers are starting and we predict a robust mushroom season for which New Mexico mountains are known for. We also had rock slides and raging rivers bringing down silt, boulders and trees. I always stand amaze at the power of Nature–she is one not to trifle with indeed!

We are also inviting many campers-I mean a lot and they come from all over the globe! More than just weekends are filled in this early part of the year and in a couple weeks Memorial Day begins and the pursuit is on to get the best campsite here at the Army Corp of Engineers Riana Campground. Al and I are blessed to work for the Cor; they take good care of us and our Rangers are amazing and so very helpful.

So, that’s the ‘Blog’ for your spring camping and exploring up here in northern New Mexico. You can stay a few weeks at our campground and still not see all that there is to explore and encounter. If you are looking for gorgeous scenery, Puebloan history, incredible geology, and welcoming people you have come to the right place because THIS IS New Mexico the Land of Enchantment! Come see us, camp with us and have adventures that will remain in your memories for years! Hope to see you soon…and now I have to feed 15 hummingbirds, give a talk to a school trip on Hummingbirds, and then enjoy the lake with its Ospreys, Eagles, and other interesting wildlife, as well as getting to know our campers. Yep, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it! ♥

Enjoy the new video below from the Rio Chama River Gorge!