A Product for Eternity … Hello Hump Day Readers. The other night I watched for the umpteenth time, the movie Independence Day. Actually, I caught the last hour which is the one I love, where Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith-piloting their space machine, are trying to flee from the aliens, and having a little trouble. Smith is gritty, Goldblum hates to fly, so when Smith says “oops” Goldblum replies, “Ooops, what’s oops, no oops, don’t want oops” and the conversation goes back and forth with hilarious moments.

This part of the movie reminds me that God doesn’t create accidents, everything God has created and everything God does is perfect—even if our human minds can’t grasp it. Let’s go back to creation, on the 6th day God created Adam and Eve, and literally the whole human race. There has never been any ‘oops’ by God, but there was by Adam and Eve and we know the rest of the sin-story that has plagued all of humanity while living on this earth. Yet, God didn’t turn his back on us and God hasn’t stopped working his perfection in us.

Author and Bible teacher, Christine Caine says “You and I are not a product of time but a product of eternity. We have been positioned for this time, with gifts and talents from God to serve our generation.”  Have you ever thought of yourself as a ‘product for eternity’? Usually we say “I’m a product of my mother/father, etc. As an adopted kid, I would laugh and say “I was hatched from under a rock!” Being real about this—have you ever said “I am a product of the Living God?” I suspect if we did, most folks would think we’re crazy knowing that we were birthed by a human mama. Yet, without God none of us would even exist.

The fact that we are created to serve our generation with those talents to hopefully make a better world should be a reminder to us of the trust God has in us! When we have ‘oops’ thankfully God scoops up our ‘oops’ and gently (or sometimes sternly) leads us to make the changes needed. We are gifted with so much but sadly, we often use little of it.

In Acts 17:26-28, we find this creative God and his perfect plans for our eternity:

“This God made us in all our diversity from one original person,
allowing each culture to have its own time to develop,
giving each its own place to live and thrive in its distinct ways.
His purpose in all this was that people of every culture
and religion would search for this ultimate God,
grope for Him in the darkness, as it were, hoping to find Him.
Yet, in truth, God is not far from any of us. For you know the saying,
“We live in God; we move in God; we exist in God.”
And still another said, “We are indeed God’s children.”

(The Voice)

God wants us to thrive here on earth but still live with a perspective of heaven because we are a product for eternity! God has so much more for us than just living on earth. So, while we are here, God wants us to be ambassadors of the Gospel; to be bearers of the Good News of Jesus Christ and salvation; and to be the light of wisdom and hope which the Holy Spirit breathes in us daily.

We are “not our own” –boy am I glad about that. I can get myself mixed around, mixed-up, and filled with all kinds of ‘oops’ – I need God—we all need God, and that is why we have “been positioned for this time…to serve our generation.”

We each can do this, but just imagine if we did this together! A united front, people from all churches who have chosen to believe in God and the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ—what a change it would be—for us and others. That is a perspective of living for eternity and it makes sense because we are a product of eternity…timeless instead of restricted, knowing that forever we will be held in the Savior’s hands. If that isn’t the hope this world needs, I don’t know what else there is—AMEN!