“The Spirit of truth will come and guide you in all truth.
He will not speak His own words to you;
He will speak what He hears, revealing to you
the things to come and bringing glory to Me.”
-The words of Jesus from John 16:13 [Voice]

A Time to Think… “We certainly can’t objectify the Spirit–our definitions will always miss the point. What we do know is that the Holy Spirit is pure energy, the dynamic presence of God spurring us into action and driving us from our comfort zones. ”  ―Pastor Steve Holms

A Time to Act… I am up and awake and it’s a new day! I may have my plans, but I need to be open to what the Spirit of God will say or lead me as I work my way through this day.

A Time to Pray… O Holy Spirit, the presence of God in my life, help me to be filled with energy, that I may act on your leading, even if you are taking me where I may not want to go. Soak me with your heavenly wisdom, and strengthen me for the task you have for me this day, AMEN.