Holy Saturday – The Silence
What is to be said on such a day? What words can we muster? For Christians today, Holy Saturday also looks forward to the knowledge of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day. But, in the original pause between death and life, the disciples were apprehensive about what the future might bring and whether they could continue to have faith in the man they had been following, who now lay in a tomb. The silence was deafening for them. What comes next? For all of us who know the full story, jubilation comes on Sunday. But for the disciples and the followers of Jesus, this was their crossroads, where the “rubber meets the road” for their faith. Will He arise, will He be here—will He? And yes, He did.

We will rejoice tomorrow, as they did when the women shouted “He is not dead, he is alive!” But let us remind ourselves that many are still waiting, wondering, pondering if they can trust this Jesus. This time do NOT be silent! Share the life-saving gift of Jesus’ grace, mercy, forgiveness, and unending love. Heaven knows our world needs it!

A Thought To Remember
“There Is a Great Silence on Earth today. A Great silence and stillness. Silence because the King of Kings is asleep. God has died in the flesh and hell trembles with fear.” -Anonymous

My Response:
Precious Lord, the quiet is almost deafening to my ears and more so to my heart. You are gone, yet I know you came back and rose again. On this day, this Easter Vigil, I want to remember this Holy Week, contemplate on Scripture and your words. This will remind me of my own sin that I could not get rid of, but you took it for me. This reminder gives me hope for every day and fills my faith anew to share my Savior with everyone. Sleep well, Oh Mighty King, for tomorrow the best comes, and the world will never be the same, AMEN.