“No one’s ears have ever heard of a God like you.
No one’s eyes have ever seen a God who is greater than you.
No God but you acts for the good of those who trust in him.”
Isaiah 64:4 [NIRV]

A Time to Think… “God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.” ―C.S. Lewis 

A Time to Act… As you arise today, visualize the protection of being in God’s care for this day. In doing so, it will not matter if the day is a low point or a great “ah-ha” – the only thing that will matter is the assurance that you are in God’s care—and that is the best place you can be! 

A Time to Pray… O Precious Jesus, I can endure any situation because I know You are working on my behalf. You pray for me, you advocate for me to God, you watch over me day and night. You died for my sins and you are my Redeemer. No matter my situation, I am safe in Your hands-always. I love you, Amen.