“The right word at the right time—beautiful!”
-Proverbs 15:23 Message

A Time to Think… We’re prone to want God to change our circumstances, but He wants to change our character. We think that peace comes from the outside in, but it comes from the inside out.  ―Warren Wiersbe, Pastor/Theologian and Writer

A Time to Act… When you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, do you see peace or do you see fear? Yes, we have circumstances in our lives that push us to our limits, but God has no limits. God is daily shaping our character from the inside out. Be at peace with God and let the Master Sculptor change your life!

A Time to Pray… O Lord, speak to me the words I need to hear; plant them deep into my heart, mind and soul. Strengthen me for whatever comes my way today. Help met to live my faith from the inside-out—your love first and then I live that love in all I say and do. AMEN.