What the Heck IS A Superstar? … Hello weekend readers. This past week our sun was shredding the heat all over the planet. Aurora Borealis with its beautiful kaleidoscope colors danced in the skies in places all over the globe in many areas that rarely would see such a phenomenon. The Milky Way was incredible, then we had bursting stars and meteor shows, and if that isn’t enough, new satellites took their places in the universe and visitors at the International Space Station. What a show no matter where you lived on Mother Earth!

But there is more, beauty pageants where the ‘superstars’ who won decided to give up their crowns. Instead of some kind of peace between Israel and Hamas, the ‘meteor show’ was ugly bombs that didn’t delight anyone; instead it killed again, hundreds of innocent people. And if that isn’t enough, the bickering of our “super-stars” in Hollywood and the trial of a previous President have been the “pinnacle of the show!” Thus, all this brings me to my musings on “what the heck is a Superstar?”

In Matthew 6:20–21 (MSG) Jesus warns us about where we should put our ‘treasure’:

“Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or worse—stolen by burglars. Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and will end up being.”

Writer Isabella Campolattaro shared her story about touring with ‘big-name’ stars. Her boyfriend was a sound engineer and she often went along. There was one famous singer that was glamorous, had a beautiful voice and millions of fans around the world. Isabella thought it would be wonderful to be such a super-star, but as she watched this woman become more fragile, self-conscious, and afraid of anything, her idea of stardom started to fall apart.

She said that, after a few years of globe-trotting, she started using drugs to keep up with the constant tours. Sadly, about a decade later she was dead. Her family was stunned, but the brother who was closest to his sister knew the inside story. He said ‘you can have tons of adoring fans but you can still be very alone, fearful and unhappy’. A lot of stardom often leaves one with no satisfaction and diverts them from the real truth of living their lives.

Yet it seems our society has accepted this life-style for themselves. They want to be like the super-stars, the power-plays, the diamond-studded-cash of money that will make their lives perfect for all time. Well, like Dr. Phil would ask, “how’s that working for you?” It doesn’t!

We are clamoring for the golden-ring, grasping for what will give us all we need. We want that “superstar” status, then no one can hurt us or tell us what to do. The two beauty pageant women who turned in their crowns found out quickly that the lie is huge in these industries and it doesn’t take long before no one will even remember your name.

Jesus reminds us that we have all the treasure we need for our entire life—Him! Billy Graham said, when the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” came out, it had some off-beat ideas, but, in the end, the revelation was that Jesus knew exactly who He was. And, it remains today and forever that He is truly the ONE and ONLY SUPERSTAR, period! Many may try to ‘out-star’ Jesus but in the end, the gold crown they seek becomes a tarnished useless metal. This worldly perspective easily takes away our peace before we even know it. If we want true peace, and real truth, we have to anchor our hope in Christ only.

Jesus is the only one we need to follow because He is truth, always on time, always shows up, always takes care of us in any situation…and so much more. Why would we want to go to anyone else? So, the next time you look up at the sky that is dancing with ‘other-world’ colors, shout out “that’s my Jesus – He is coloring our world and it is wonderful. He is our SUPERSTAR and no one can even come close!” AMEN.