“That energy is God’s energy,
an energy deep within you.”
-Philippians 2:13 MSG

A Time to Think… “Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves. Its eternal goal is life.” ―Smiley Blanton

A Time to Act… When you feel depleted in body, soul and mind, don’t depend on yourself to make the change. Turn to God – that is where you will find the energy of grace, forgiveness, mercy, wisdom and encouragement to renew and be filled. No other therapy comes close!

A Time to Pray… O Lord, I so easily depend on myself for everything that I literally feel the oxygen flowing out of me, depleted and helpless. Renew my mind with the wisdom of your Holy Spirit, that I may depend on you, give my thoughts, actions and worries to you, for in you there is life, there is the energy that my humanity does not have. I love you and I thank you for sustaining me in this life, AMEN.