God and God Alone Has the FINAL Say

On this weekend musing there is calamity, heartbreak, destruction, confusion, violence—so much touching every corner of our world. Afghanistan, Tennessee, California fires, rising Covid cases, corruption, in-fighting with governors and school districts, and so much more. One has to think that perhaps things are really getting out of control – right?

We have a retired couple staying here at the campground. They are from Tennessee and they live right next to Humphrey County where over 200 homes were swept away, hundreds injured, with 23 confirmed dead and many still missing. The violent flooding is also impacting the surrounding counties as well. (Not to mention rising Covid cases and packed ICU’s.) I asked them if they knew anyone in these disaster areas they affirmed they did and they information that they are OK, although, sadly, one couple did lose their home. But it was this man’s answer to a question I hadn’t even asked that hit me. He said: “God has the final say in all these tragedies and that is what I hang my ‘hat-of-faith’ on.” That statement is the crux of my musing this weekend.

[CEV] The Lord Has the Final Word…Proverbs 16:1
“We humans make plans, but the Lord has the final word.”

Rev. Max Lucado’s sermon I listened to a week ago online say, “God always has his person.” How true is that and you and I are those persons, we are the Esthers, the Rahabs, the Moses, Davids, Josephs, etc. — that God will use in these times of injustice and evil.

As we look around this world and right into our own country we see so many things falling apart, yet God takes what is falling apart and puts it back in place…by using “his persons” again—you and me. Do you know anyone who is better at reversing the injustices and tragedies of this world than God? Reversing, putting things back together, holding us close, sheltering us—all this is God’s trademark!

I go back to Esther, where at the top of the book heading it says” Relief will come.” We need to say that to one another and to those experiencing the upheaval of our days. We need to shout it with JOY and BELIEF because God has the final say and God alone knows what is going to happen and how God will take care of it in spite of all that we may try to do.

God never stops working, is always in the midst of everything in our lives. Do you believe that? I do, though sometimes I shout “God where are you?” Friends we have to believe that because if we don’t, we are missing the greatness, the power and the incredible unending grace and love of our God. Without that, who could really live in this world? How could we find blessings and be a blessing?

Esther took a chance on God. What she was about to do in asking for an “audience with the King” was against all rules—only the King could ask for a ‘subject’ to come to him. Breaking that rule was cruel–punishment was death. But Esther chose to partner with God to do his work for her people and because of her faith, she saved her nation. God had put all the pieces together for what would happen and Esther said “yes” – the rest is truly history!

I have three questions I’ve been asking myself and I encourage you to do the same:

  • Do I believe relief will come?
  • Am I willing to partner with God?
  • Am I comfortable with God having the final say?

As these days wane on with news that we find hard to see and listen to, when friends and family find themselves hurting, experiencing loss, and things just do seem to be past our tipping point, please remember: God always “has his person!” … Could it be you?

When evil seems to own each hour of the day God still has the FINAL SAY… And friends, that is a promise ours heart and souls can rely on always, AMEN!